Is there anything worth my while that will help me start my own freelance business? I know this question will inevitably cross your mind if you’re trying to start a successful online business. We all need help and guidance when first starting out and the amount of information on the internet can seem overwhelming at times. And of course, when someone asks us to spend money on their product, we want to know if the product will have any real value. Will it help us further along our chosen if we chose to buy?

Well, I’ve definitely been in your shoes before. So, here I’ll offer my recommendations. I will only recommend products that I have personally used and liked.

  • Get Paid to Blog: This resource is what I first used to start my own blog. I definitely recommend it as Tom’s guide is very thorough and helps consider things that you probably hadn’t thought to consider your own. In fact, if it wasn’t for Tom’s guide, I would not be able to get this blog up and running!  Tom also has a blogging mentorship program on his website. He’ll give free advice to anyone that purchase webhosting through his affiliate link. If you’re in need of a webhost and need help getting it installed, then I think this would be a great resource for you!
  • 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success: I recommend this resource as well. I’ve read the entire guide! Gina offers some really valuable insight. While Tom’s resource was really great, Gina brings to light some things that Tom’s guide didn’t touch on. And she also offers a different perspective on things. Gina breaks things down in an easily digestible format. No complicated terms and concepts here! Things go in a day one, day two, day three, etc format. I like that because you can take one day to spend thinking about that lesson rather rushing through the whole thing and having information overload. I think between Gina and Tom’s guide, you’ll be ready to conquer the world. Gina’s course is definitely worth the money.