You’ve hired the web designers and they’ve created an awesome website for your business. 

And now, you sit in front of the screen. It needs content but you have no idea what to write. You don’t know how to make it engaging so that your readers will keep coming back.

Or maybe you did write the content but your conversion rates are low. You’ve decided you need someone to improve what’s already there.

Sounds like you need a professional writer to create engaging, high quality content. It’s a good thing you found me!

So, why me specifically?

  • I specialize in writing blog posts that will improve traffic to your site, boost conversion rates and increase your bottom line.
  • I have a background in nursing and I am knowledgeable in topics related to health and nutrition.
  • I have studied Internet Marketing/SEO and have some knowledge of it.
  • I’m thorough in my research.
  • I complete all tasks by the deadline and respond quickly to all emails.

Still not sure? Check out some of the places I’ve been published!


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Grief and Loss

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