So, I hopped onto Crunchyroll to see what newest anime had updated. And I came across a new anime called Planet WITH. It’s the first episode so I can’t tell you how great or amazing it is just yet. However, this show does look promising.

We start off with a kid named Kuroi. For all appearances, he seems pretty normal if you ignore the fact he lives with a giant, purple-bluish cat he calls sensei and cute maid in a small apartment. We learn in the first episode that Kuroi has amnesia, and can’t remember anything beyond two weeks ago, when he first enrolled in high school.

And right after that revelation, we’re hit with alien invasion. By an alien invasion, I mean teddy bear shaped alien ships with hands sticking out from its base; ears & noses protruding from it’s torso and teeth from its ears. The aliens also have the word “peas” written on the front of it’s torso. I wasn’t sure if that’s actually supposed to be peas, or the aliens fucking up the word peace.

Now, you’re probably thinking that Kuroi is going to somehow gain the power to fight off the aliens, but that’s not quite right. Seven ordinary people show up from nowhere, and use giant mechas to destroy the aliens. Kuroi, on the other hand, is told by his maid – Ginko – that he must destroy the seven heroes that are fighting the aliens. The heroes successfully destroy the aliens and go their separate ways.

Kuroi intercepts one of the heroes, and challenges the hero to the fight. It gets weird when the giant cat eats Kuroi, and then transforms into a mecha. Kuroi and the hero battle it out, with Kuroi not really knowing if what he’s doing is right or wrong. However, when Ginko promises him meat for dinner – Kuroi forgets about right and wrong and goes all out.

He does defeat the hero, but doing so causes him to have a flashback. It seems his memory comes rushing back to him, and he angrily vows to destroy the heroes. It’s hinted that the heroes may have been the cause for Kuroi losing his home and parents.

So, at this point – it’s left up in the air who the true villains are, and who exactly the heroes are. We also don’t what the aliens purpose are. From that one episode, the aliens didn’t actually harm anyone. It seemed that anyone who got close to it was calmed down immediately, and reminded of home, family, and old regrets. So, are the heroes fighting someone who wants peace? Does this make them the villains?

I’ll give this show credit: it moves at incredibly fast pace without seeming rushed, which I quite frankly enjoyed. It doesn’t appear to be your typical mecha show. Usually, we’re told upfront who the bad guys are. But in this anime, those lines seem rather blurred. So, I’m really, really curious to see where the plot goes with this.

I’ll be following this show so stay tuned for further updates. As always, peace and love!

Author: Raymonda

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