I’ll be honest with you.

I’ve got a shitload worth of problems and no friends. The only place where I can, ironically, share where I’m going through is on the internet – a place where any random person can come along.

I find it rather therapeutic and it helps me work out my issues. I tried keeping a traditional journal, but my I get tired of writing. And besides, when I die, no one else is going to pay to keep my blog up. So my web host will take it down and it’ll fade away to a digital wasteland.

Actually, that’s kind of sad. Maybe I should keep a traditional journal?

Nah. I only have one child and she’ll probably throw away after I’m dead and gone. My daughter isn’t very sentimental, unfortunately.

Anyway, this section of my website is to host my confessions, the deepest parts of my feelings that I don’t allow anyone in real life to know about. Unless of course they read my blog.

Fuck it. I’m tired of trying to explain it. Let me make it short, sweet, and to the point.

This is me in my feelings.