I had this awesome idea, and I wanted to write this epic, fantasy like story. But I needed information on world-building. So, I turned to Amazon and started browsing through some books. I didn’t buy anything, though, and soon got bored of browsing.

Well, a few days, I’m back on Amazon. In my recommended reading list, I see a novel that’s listed as LitRPG. Now, this is odd in itself because I only really read non-fiction and romance novels.

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So, about a year and a half ago, I decided I wanted to be a freelance writer. I read so many articles about how easy it was to get started. There were all these success stories floating about, and I got dragged in. I paid for a lot of services in the hopes of obtaining a sustainable, freelance income.

Don’t get me wrong – I did make money freelancing. I found plenty of one off jobs and one big job!

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It can be really frustrating trying to make it as a freelance writer. It’s hard to find clients that will take a chance on you when you’re new. It’s hard to make the time to actually sit down and build platform, especially if not technically savvy. It’s hard writing when you figure out being a freelance writer also means you have to be good at marketing too!

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SEO is dead.SEO is dead.


Kind of.

Once upon a time, content writers could stuff their articles full of keywords to get high rankings in Google. The problem with that was Google was returning search results that were not helpful to users. So Google decided it needed to be smarter. Now, if you’re not careful, Google will actually penalize your website and drop its ranking.

So, then the question became:

“How do I rank my website in Google?”
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