Google Ranking? SEO is Dead.

SEO is dead.SEO is dead.


Kind of.

Once upon a time, content writers could stuff their articles full of keywords to get high rankings in Google. The problem with that was Google was returning search results that were not helpful to users. So Google decided it needed to be smarter. Now, if you’re not careful, Google will actually penalize your website and drop its ranking.

So, then the question became:

“How do I rank my website in Google?”


There are many people who tell you that there are clever tricks to increase your Google rankings in days or maybe weeks. But I would be a little bit hesitant about trusting anyone who makes these claims.

You see, SEO is just not about keywords anymore.

It’s about creating high-quality content that people find useful. If you’re actually producing something that people find value in, then your website will rank naturally. It’s going to take consistently creating articles and some clever social media marketing.

However, I’d be lying if I said there SEO didn’t help at all. There are things that you can do to help improve the SEO content of your blog.

Tips to Improve SEO

  • You should you use targeted keyword no more than five times.
  • Your title should contain your keyword.
  • The end of your URL should contain the title of article.
  • You should use H1 and H2 headers where appropriate.
  • Add images to your blog post.
  • Create outbound links in article.
  • Add social media links to your blog.

All of those simple things will definitely help improve your SEO. But don’t forget that SEO is much more than the few simple, bullet points I listed.

But now, if you really want to rank your website, then you’re going to need to do a bit of social media marketing in order to drive traffic to your website.

You must think of your audience. Who are they? Where will you likely find them? What websites do they hang out on? What social media platform are they using?

Not only that, but you mustn’t look at other entrepreneurs as your enemy. If there are successful people in the same targeted niche as you, reach out and connect with them. They can provide you with insight that you never thought of before.

Offer to guest post on their blog. Not only will you be providing them with useful content for their blog, but their hundred thousand visitors will see your author byline. And maybe a thousand of their readers will visit your blog.

Ranking a website can take quite a while. But if your social media marketing is on point, there really isn’t a need for you to intentionally rank in Google. After all, I’ve stumbled across several websites that don’t show up on the first page of a Google search. However, the owners of these lesser known blogs are still doing pretty well.

So, if you’ve decided you wanted to make money blogging, don’t be discouraged if you’re blog isn’t number one in the Google search.

And one last thing: remember that it’s okay if you need to sit down and re-evaluate your strategies. Sometimes, the plan that we thought was a good one doesn’t really work out. Perhaps you’ve been marketing on Facebook but the vast majority of your target market is Twitter?

Don’t worry. It happens. But a good entrepreneur learns from their mistakes.

Now, are you ready to take some of this advice and apply it to your blog?

1 thought on “Google Ranking? SEO is Dead.”

  1. Hi Raye,

    I decided to go back and read an older article of yours.

    Over the past few weeks, I’ve been getting 300++ hits a day to my website from Google. Probably not earth-shattering or anything, but considering SEO hasn’t been a strong focus for me, I feel pretty good about it.

    I think where a lot of bloggers get confused is they want a magic, overnight solution to showing up on page one of Google… and it doesn’t work like that.

    We need to do the right things consistently if we want that to happen. Publish regularly, guest post elsewhere, participate in expert roundups, optimize content for keywords, reduce page load times, optimize for mobile browsing, decrease bounce rate, etc.

    I also think it’s worth noting that search traffic often doesn’t become loyal traffic. It’s a lot of one-and-done. My best advice to a new blogger would be to focus on building relationships with other bloggers, not just waiting for Google to send in some traffic.

    Great article!


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