2 Things That Can Be Overwhelming

Laying the foundation to become a successful blogger is hard work! I knew that it was not going to be easy but I didn’t know it was going to be this hard either! That’s not to say that I’m not enjoying every step of it. I’ve even learned some lessons of my own in this short time. Read more to discover two things that seem absolutely overwhelming in the beginning.

Set Deadlines

set deadlinesBecause there is so much to do in the beginning, it’s easy to get caught up with devoting more time to designing your blog, creating content, reading other blogs, establishing a portfolio, establishing a social media presence, etc…

It can seem rather overwhelming, right?

There’s absolutely no need for you to try to accomplish everything in one week. Instead, what I’m finding works for me is to focus on one thing at time and create realistic deadlines to complete that task.

Creating a blog and filling it with content is not something that happens over night. I gave myself till the end of June to get this blog up and going.

That’s it. I wasn’t trying to attract readers. I wasn’t trying to build a social media presence. I wasn’t trying to network. I just singularly focused on installing WordPress, finding a suitable theme, and filling my blog with content. I gave myself one month to complete that task.

I’m still working on my portfolio section but over all I’d say I completed that task. Now that I’ve completed that, my next goal is to build my portfolio. That’s my focus for July. I give myself a month and half for that task.

By doing this method, I can see and measure my own progress. It’s very important to be able to measure your progress because if you don’t, you might start to feel frustrated and start thinking that you’re not really accomplishing anything.

It’s also very important for those new to freelancing to understand that it is a slow build up to success and to take things one step at a time. If you keep up a steady pace, you will eventually reach your goal.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

don't compare yourselfI realized that I was in the process of doing this. It made me feel so depressed and worthless. I wanted to give up because I thought I’d never reach the level of professionalism of some of these other bloggers.

I first felt this way when I stumbled across Alaura’s blog. I remember looking at her amazing blog and I was just left speechless. Alaura’s blog is so beautiful and her writing is so strong! And strangely enough, after reading her blog, I felt inferior to her. I felt like I wasn’t good enough to even continue in this field.

The road to becoming a professional blogger is hard. I don’t know where to start and who can afford these courses anyway? I don’t have any marketable skills anyway. How can I possibly compare?

These self-limiting thoughts kept floating around inside my head. I thought about quitting; I thought about just washing my hands of this blogging business and focus all my energy into being a nurse. Of course, reality slapped me hard in the face when I realized that not only did I need to iron my scrubs for Monday, I had to also pay an extra $100 for childcare. I knew then what needed to be done.

I had to change my mindset. 

I can’t compare myself to other bloggers like Sophie Lizard or Gina Horkey. I had to remind myself that they’ve been doing this much longer than I have. And each one of them had to pay their dues before reaching a point that could be called a success.

I also had to remind myself that my writing is just as good as their writing. Even though that fleeting thought of inferiority crossed my mind, I know deep down inside what it is that I am capable of achieving. Writing has been my world since third grade and I will not bow my head in defeat.

If I made this mistake, I’m sure that there are others who will do the same. But it is vital to remember that hard work and determination is the key to success. You can succeed!

We are in this together!

Leave a comment and let me know what things you find overwhelming as a freelancer.

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