hate silence…

I lay in bed on silk sheets
Because you like the way it feels against your skin
So picky – the sheets must be silk
And I oblige your petty whims

Dinner’s cold
I had fixed your favorite
Lasanga and Ceasar salad with garlic bread
You’re such a picky eater
But as usual I oblige your petty whims

And the wine bottle’s empty
One bottle cost me my damn paycheck
Because your taste is so expensive
I don’t really mind though
Cause you know I’ll always oblige your petty whims

It’s just that I hate silence
And you don’t seem to understand that

Right now the house is filled with unbearable silence
I feel like I might go insane
And I’m looking at the phone
Waiting to hear it’s shrill ring
Fill the house with noise

How foolish of me to think you’d oblige my petty whims…

I’m waiting for the phone to ring
And take away the silence

But it never rings…

Author: Raymonda

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