Title: This Bitter Earth
Fandom: FFVII
Warnings: None
Notes: Not beta’d. Originally published on Fanfiction.net February 22, 2003
Disclaimers: I do not own FFVII


It’s so dark.

La luce non può esistere nella nerezza.

Am I alone?

Ogni uomo è un’isola; ci leviamo in piedi da solo.

Who am I?

Sogno di anima.


Tutto comincia con una parola – una lettera realmente.

I am.

Sono sono parole divine di alimentazione.

I am a killer.

Un assassino di che cosa?

I am a killer of souls.

La I uniforme ha un’anima? L’anima esiste?


Sogno di anima.

I dream of the destruction.

Anima di angelo.

Normalcy means to mindlessly follow the majority. {blame society}

We must never challenge what was, what is, and what will always be. {blame religion}

The meaning of life is death. {blame God}

Press deeper and the blade draws blood. {blame yourself}

You can’t. It’s never your fault. Never. Never. Never. You’re a victim. So much hurt and pain. So much innocence and hatred. Stay by my side and wield power that flows abundantly inside you. Where does power come from? It comes from your pain and your pain is great. Greater than any power that the gods may have.





I hear an angel in the distance coming for my soul, but the dead cannot die. {how naïve}

A/N: Okay, I wrote this at work. I was bored and decided to just write and this what happened. I have no actual idea what this will turn into and I really hadn’t planned on putting up on , but life is full of surprises. I have no idea what pairings I might add in this fic. If anyone shows any interest in this, I’ll more than likely write more.

Author: Raymonda

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