First I’d like to thank you all for stopping by my blog. It means a great deal to me. If you have any comments or suggestions on how I can make my blog even better, please feel free to contact me.

The aim and purpose of my blog is to help others that are struggling along the path to becoming a freelancer. I know that it’s scary especially if you have never worked freelance and don’t have any kind of safety net to purpose your dreams. I also know that it is exceptionally difficult if you have no experience in this kind of work.

And the reason I can say this is because as of this moment, I am in your position. I work full time as a nurse for two very prominent and wonderful doctors. I’m a single mother with no family or strong support system. So, that basically equates to if I don’t work, I won’t be able to provide food and shelter for my daughter. The very idea of not being able to provide for my daughter fills me with terror – but I’m learning to push through that terror and venture out to create the ideal work situation for me.

I want this blog to serve a guide to those stumbling, trying to figure out how to be a freelancer. Or even just trying to figure out what to do as a freelancer. As someone that once believed I had no marketable skills, I can understand your hesitation.

Now, I’d like to talk some about why I decided to create this blog. As mentioned earlier, I have a very beautiful and intelligent 8 year old daughter. She is the center of my universe. There are not enough words in the human language to describe exactly how much I love her. And she is the exact reason I chose to start a career as a freelance blogger.

My mother passed this April from uterine cancer and my father is dying from multiple myeloma cancer. It’s been a rough year for me personally and I don’t foresee it getting any easier.

My mother has always been the biggest source of support for me. Because of her, I was able to work almost any shift without worry for my daughter. With her passing, that has changed. I now need the flexibility to set my own hours so that I can take of my daughter and father. It is vital that I be there for them because I have no other family.

It is for that reason I decided to try and become a freelancer. I’m not there yet!

But here’s what I realized in the mean time – the road to becoming a pro blogger is not easy. If you’ve never worked in this field, like me, then it seems virtually impossible to figure out how to start. With this blog, I hope to be a guide that others can follow. I hope to help motivate you by showing you that if I can succeed then so can you. And I plan to do this by being completely transparent.


Because I am you.

While I do work for a major hospital – one of the best in the United States – I do not make a six figure salary. Provided I’ve worked a full two weeks, I just barely make a four figure salary. I have no established contacts that I can call and land a high-paying freelance job on my first go round. Everything that I earn will be through hard work and persistence.

I am sure to make many mistakes along the way. I want to share these mistakes with you so you can learn from my errors. It is my goal to provide fresh, interesting content that contains valuable information.

If you have suggestions on how to make my blog better or just want to leave thoughts with me, feel free to leave a comment or to contact me. I’ll definitely make sure to respond as quickly as I can. You can also check out other areas of my blog such as my Hire Me page or Resources page.