I admire you from quite a distance
To afraid to speak my heart to you
What would a lowly peasant girl say unto a prince?
I am just a lowly peasant girl
And you are to blind to admire my beauty
Maybe if I had angel wings
And sang in God’s choir
And maybe if my laugh made babies smile
And maybe if my tears made flowers bloom
Maybe if the sun would shine just for me
Maybe if the moonlight gleamed just on me
Maybe if you saw the stars in my eyes
Maybe if you could hear my voice in the gentle winds
Maybe if I consumed your thoughts
And maybe if I was in your dreams at night
You would glance my way, and say hello
Then we could talk for hours
I’d tell you how my love extends farther than the ends of the universe
And you’d see into my soul
I would become your princess


Note: This was written in middle school, 8th grade, about my secret crush. Ah, the sweet memories….

Author: Raymonda

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