Title: Favorite Song
Fandom: FFVII
Character/Pairing/Group: Sephiroth/Aeris
Rating: G
Warning/s: None.
Table: 20
Prompt: 9
Word Count: 245
Summary: This a drabble, I guess, of Sephiroth thinking about Aeris. It’s written in 1st person, which a style I don’t usually do. The more I get into this, the longer they’ll get, methinks. Oh, there’s spoilers for anyone who has not played FF7. Who hasn’t these days? Oh well… just thought I should note that in there.
Disclaimer: I do not own FFVII or anything related to it.

Her heartbeat plays a song I never tire of, so it baffles me how once I wanted her heart to stop. I am filled with guilt every time I think about how much pleasure I derived from running my sword through her chest. I had no idea, back then, how beautiful her heart is. Her heart is a treasure, my greatest treasure. The warmth that she fills me with erases any void in my life.

So, my life was built around an entire lie. I burned a village down to the ground and killed countless number of people. I almost became a god too. But, somehow, when I look up into those emerald eyes, eyes that always seem to know what I’m thinking, it doesn’t seem to matter anymore. With just a slight tug of her lips, she can erase all my guilt. She forgave me for everything and in turn helped me to forgive myself.

What have I done to deserve such mercy?

I suffered. She suffered. The whole world suffered. But by the gods, to be here with her right now, all the suffering was worth it because I found it. I found my paradise and it exists within a frail body, beating constantly a song meant only for me. It’s just a muscle, really, the heart. But it is so precious, more precious to me than you can imagine.

I could spend my eternity here with her, just listening to her heartbeat.

Author: Raymonda

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