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I remember how you told me once
That you could see the entire universe in my eyes
Wrote promises of eternity across my body
Said I was the Juliet to your Romeo

But lately, I’ve started feeling like a ghost
Cause it seems you can’t see me
Even when I’m standing next you

Maybe I did die
Maybe your little lies
Chipped away the pieces
Of my heart
Until it too vanished

And now I’m like some sort of waif
Not living or dead
Just wandering between the veil
He loves me. He loves me not.

I thought maybe I’d try
Haunting your thoughts
Perhaps if you saw apparitions
Of me everywhere you went

You would remember
How I took you in from the cold
Spread my legs
And filled you with my warmth
Allowed you to worship in my temple

But your sight is so filled
With the vision of someone else
That you don’t notice me anymore

Is my love worth so little?

My loneliness turned to spite
And when I set fire to everything
Burned and purified everything
You desecrated

You seemed surprised
Don’t be surprised.

My love is not worth so little.

Author: Raye