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I’m beginning to grow in my spirituality.

I’ve realized that I always wanted to move fast. I was very impatient. We live in an instant gratification society. We always expect things right now and I was no exception.

But I’m learning to slow down. We’ve been taught that life is short, but I’m starting to realize that’s it not true. We have nothing but time on our hands.

I’m very excited about my spiritual journey.

Recently, I’ve started to wrap my head when I go out. Our hair is like spiritual antennae’s; the top of our head is our crown chakra. We need to protect that!

I used to feel like I sucked in everyone’s bad emotions, but since covering my head, I can walk into my job and smile. I’m very good. The complaining and whining doesn’t bother me.

I no longer feel drained by my job.

The head wrap also serves as a reminder of my spiritual journey. I’m not perfect – not by a long shot. But I feel better spiritually when I cover my head.

I’m also learning about ancestral altars. I’m still working on cleaning out my space in order to create my altar. We’ve also been taught that ancestor worship is bad – but this has been a part of African culture since forever. It’s in our DNA actually. When you walk into a person’s house, typically you can find pictures of relatives, both living and dead, hanging on the walls or on mantles. They can pull out photo albums and tell you stories about the people in the pictures.

Hello! That’s ancestral worship; but we’ve changed the name of ancestral worship to “reminiscing.”

I’m also learning about faith. Man, I thought I knew what faith was but all this time, I really had no idea. I would make decisions, and lingering in the back of my mind, I would be afraid. Secretly, I would think things like “What if it don’t work out, then what?” or “I hope things work out” or “what if this wasn’t the right thing to do?”

I would always want to leave myself an opening to go back to thing I was running from while putting on a brave front. I was foolish. That wasn’t faith; that was fear.

Fear is simply False Evidence Appearing Real. When I step out, now, there is no doubt in my heart that whatever I do will work out. There’s no doubt that all my needs will be met. The Bible said, “Therefore I say unto you, All things whatsoever ye pray and ask for, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.”

But patience is the key.

For the past for weeks, I’ve been praying for some creative ideas so that I can start back writing again. I felt like my well had gone dry, hence the reason this website has been so stagnant. I felt frustrated and believed that I’d probably never write anything else again. But after meditating and praying and asking for a creative burst, an idea finally came to me. I was so excited.

Y’all, my whole worldview has changed!

Yeah, I’m moving in a new direction with new understanding and I feel happier for it.

Author: Raye