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So, I’m terrible at updating my blog. However, we’ve made it a little past the midway point for 2020.

We’ve survived quite a bit: a WW3 tease, Kobe’s death, Coronavirus, quarantine, riots, murder hornets, UFOs, earthquakes, hurricanes, and so on. So, many people are taking their time in quarantine to enjoy life, pick up new hobbies, or whatever.

I’m pretty much an essential worker so I’m out here in these streets earning a paycheck. There has been no time for self-reflection or being able to push through with plans of being a writer. I’m just stuck, day after day, at a job that I’m mostly content with,

I’ve never been able to shake that feeling of discontent with my life. It’s not like I have a terrible life, but at the same time, what I do is not what I feel like I should be doing. It’s not what I want to do. I always complain about not having enough time. I complain that I’m too busy at work or my home isn’t clean enough for me to think properly.

However, I think it’s time for me to give up the excuses.

Though I’ve still had to work, I’ve still had plenty of time for self-reflection. And recently, I think the only thing that is truly holding me back is fear. There is some part of me that is terrified of letting go of the stable life that I currently I have. Right now, I know as long as I clock in I’m guaranteed to get a paycheck. I’m guaranteed to have enough money to pay my bills and nothing more.

But am I happy living like that?

No, I’m not.

That’s why I came back to my blog. I came back to set my intentions.

I am focused on growing as a writer and publishing my works. I will not let fear hinder me. I am going to manifest a beautiful life for myself.

Author: Raye