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I am not a die hard Neil Gaiman fan. Yes, I loved the Sandman comics. Yes, I loved American Gods. Yes, I loved Anansi Boys. But beyond my enjoyment of the books I’ve read by him, I know nothing of him.

What I do know is that I have wished to be able to craft stories like him. I have always wanted to write something that was deeply philosophical, but I wanted it be to so cleverly crafted into the story that you couldn’t tell unless you really considered the story. Just like Neil Gaiman’s books. On the surface, it’s a good read. But when you ponder the characters, their motives, and thoughts – it becomes clear there’s a deeper meaning to be found. Whether that is intentional or not, I’ll never know.

But I just wanted to be able to craft an engaging story like Neil Gaiman.

And my opportunity finally came in the form of this website called Masterclass. Neil Gaiman himself teaches the class, and discusses his processes and thoughts on writing. I truly love the class and he has given me much to consider.

I doubt I will finish the class and write a literary masterpiece in the matter of days – but I will have finished the class feeling smarter. The class came with a workbook, and I do look forward to posting my assignments. I supposed I’ll do my first assignment tomorrow.

I’ll probably spend lots of time hiding out at work. It is terribly difficult to get anything done when you are constantly looking over your shoulder because someone is “out to get you.”

Yes, I end this blog post on the note of I hate nursing and I am actively taking steps to transition into a new career with better hours, and that allows me to be creative.

Author: Raye